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Wood Alarm Clock Wireless Charger with Himalayan Salt Base, 3 Level LED Lamp

Wood Alarm Clock Wireless Charger with Himalayan Salt Base, 3 Level LED Lamp

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Waking up to a serene morning with the ZTECH Alarm Clock Wireless Charger, ingeniously combined with a Himalayan Salt 3 Level LED Lamp. This unique device marries the practicality of a digital alarm clock having 10/24 hours and snooze feature with the therapeutic benefits of a Himalayan salt lamp, creating an ambiance of calm and relaxation in your bedroom or office space. The 10 wattage wireless charger adds a layer of convenience, allowing you to charge your smartphone effortlessly by simply placing it on the clock base. Constructed with high-quality materials, this multifunctional gadget is not just a tool but a stylish addition to any room decor.

  1. All-in-One Design: Combines an alarm clock with 12/24 hour and snooze feature, wireless charger, and Himalayan salt lamp into one sleek unit.
  2. 10 Wattage Wireless Charging Capability: Conveniently charges smartphones and other compatible devices wirelessly.
  3. Adjustable Salt Lamp LED Lighting: Features three levels of LED brightness, providing a soothing and customizable ambient light.
  4. Health and Wellness Benefits: Himalayan salt lamp is known for its air purifying and mood-enhancing properties.
  5. Sleek and Modern Aesthetic: Crafted with a stylish design, making it a perfect fit for contemporary room decors.
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