About Us

Xtreme Time was founded in the year 2000 and has quickly become a leading provider of fashion timepieces across the globe.

From private label development to trend-setting licensed brands; independent specialty stores to the mass market, Xtreme Time has you covered. One of the industry’s premier suppliers of jewelry and accessories , Xtreme Time has the ability to function as a boutique operation while utilizing the resources of a major corporation. That translates into impeccable quality, design, pricing and delivery, all with personalized customer service that is second to none. Please make an appointment to visit us in our brand new state of the art international headquarters located in the heart of Manhattan. Please visit the contact page for more details.

Xtreme Time is your comprehensive source for developing your private label brand. Top retailers turn to Xtreme Time for our expertise in design, execution and manufacturing of their vision. Under your direction we make the design process easy by immersing ourselves in your brand. We study the latest fashion trends and concentrate on making those trends relatable to your ultimate consumer, all while ensuring the final product fits seamlessly into your merchandising strategy.

Xtreme Time entered the licensed arena in order to deliver our superior design capabilities to a wide variety of retailers and consumers by partnering with today’s best brands. Please visit our brands page for a showcase of our current licensed and proprietary brands. For licensing inquiries please contact us.