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Hand Controlled LED Mini UFO Drone

Hand Controlled LED Mini UFO Drone

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This futuristic hover ball that makes the perfect gift for boys and girls of all ages is the perfect way to get the party started. The Zummy Hand Controlled Mini UFO Drone is a high-tech hand-operated drone that requires no remote. Simply charge the Zummy Hand Controlled Mini UFO Drone with the included USB cable and you're ready to go.

  1. Hand Controlled Flight: Uses advanced infrared sensors to detect and respond to hand movements, allowing for easy and intuitive control without the need for a remote.
  2. Dazzling LED Lights: Equipped with vibrant LED lights that create a mesmerizing light show as it flies, enhancing the visual experience and making it perfect for low-light play.
  3. Durable and Safe Design: Made from high-quality, non-toxic materials with a protective outer shell to withstand impacts and ensure safe play, even for young children.
  4. Rechargeable Battery: Features a built-in rechargeable battery that provides extended flight time and can be easily recharged via USB, ensuring the fun never stops.
  5. Perfect for All Ages: Simple to operate and highly engaging, this mini UFO drone is suitable for kids and adults alike, making it a great gift for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion.
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