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Floating LED Pool Speaker

Floating LED Pool Speaker

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The ZTECH Floating LED Pool Speaker is a waterproof Bluetooth speaker designed to bring music to your poolside adventures. With its IP67 waterproof rating, it can withstand gentle splashes and float effortlessly in the water. Perfect for summer days by the pool or beach, this speaker adds a touch of dazzle to your outdoor gatherings. The easy-to-use push button control allows you to change tracks, adjust volume, and effortlessly pair with your devices.

With its 5W power, this Bluetooth home speaker delivers stereo sound with rich bass, tight mids, and crystal-clear highs, providing an immersive listening experience. Portable and versatile, it is the ideal companion for lounging, partying, camping, hiking, or biking. The speaker supports Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to connect it to your smartphone, laptop, tablet, audio device, and more.

  1. Waterproof and Floating Design: Engineered to float on water and withstand splashes, this speaker is ideal for use in pools, hot tubs, or lakes.
  2. LED Light Show: Features colorful LED lights that sync to the beat of your music, enhancing the atmosphere of your evening swims or pool parties.
  3. High-Quality Sound: Offers crystal clear, powerful sound output that spreads evenly over water, ensuring your music is heard from every corner of the pool.
  4. Wireless Connectivity: Easily connect to your device via Bluetooth and stream your favorite playlists without the hassle of wires or external connections.
  5. Long Battery Life: Built to last through the longest pool parties, this speaker comes with a rechargeable battery that provides hours of uninterrupted music and light.
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