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Dummy CCTV Security Camera With a RED Flashing Light,9.5x9.5x7cm

Dummy CCTV Security Camera With a RED Flashing Light,9.5x9.5x7cm

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Giving your property a security boost with the ZTECH Dummy CCTV Security Camera—a budget-friendly yet convincing solution to deter potential intruders. Designed to mimic a genuine surveillance camera, this dummy unit features a flashing red LED light, creating the illusion of an active security system without the hefty price tag.

  1. True-to-Life Appearance: The Dummy CCTV Security Camera closely imitates the look of a professional surveillance camera, making it an effective visual deterrent.
  2. Flashing Red Indicator: The integrated red LED light flashes periodically, heightening the impression of an active security system in place.
  3. Cost-Efficient Security: Enjoy increased security without the expenses of a full-scale security setup. This dummy camera offers a budget-friendly alternative that delivers peace of mind.
  4. Effortless Installation: Mounting is straightforward with the included hardware, enabling strategic placement to maximize its deterrence factor.
  5. Weatherproof Construction: The camera's weatherproof housing ensures longevity and maintains its authentic appearance even in challenging weather conditions.
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