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Color Changing Wireless Alarm Clock Speaker

Color Changing Wireless Alarm Clock Speaker

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Wake up to the vibrant ZTECH Color Changing Wireless Alarm Clock Speaker, blending superior sound, innovative lighting, and practical time-keeping into one sleek device. Perfect for nightstands and workspaces, this speaker enhances your morning routine and livens up your space with its dynamic color-changing features.

  1. Color Changing Lights: Experience soothing or energizing atmospheres with adjustable color-changing LED lights, creating the perfect ambiance for waking up or winding down.
  2. Wireless Speaker Functionality: Stream your favorite music or podcasts directly from your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, enjoying clear, high-quality audio.
  3. Alarm Clock Features: Set multiple alarms with customizable tones, ensuring you wake up on time and in style every morning.
  4. Compact and Stylish Design: This sleek device fits perfectly on any bedside table or desk, adding a modern touch to your home décor while saving space.
  5. Integrated Battery & USB Charging: Offers a built-in rechargeable battery for wireless operation and a USB charging port to keep your mobile devices powered up.
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